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Tips in Preparing your Garden and Home for Spring

Posted on April 21, 2013 at 8:58 AM Comments comments (4)
  Tips in Preparing your Garden and Home for Spring

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As the cool winter starts to disappear, the time for spring is drawing near. Spring lets you enjoy lighter and warmer days ahead. Nonetheless, you cannot enjoy spring completely if you fail to prepare both home and garden for it. It takes a lot of work to prepare your home and garden for spring, thus it is important to check out the work ahead of time. Start by checking your home exteriors and the doors and windows. Check out the exterior walls as well to find out if there are leaks, cracks and holes to be fixed.
It is of vital importance to review the major home systems in your home like the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Make sure to replace or clean filters before the weather changes. Make certain that the air-conditioning unit is in good working condition. Consider cleaning windows, ceiling fans and the fireplace. Do not forget to check the emergency systems in your home such as the smoke alarms, home alarm, carbon monoxide alarm and fire extinguishers and make certain they are in working condition. Check other areas as well, such as the roof, remove twigs, leaves and branches on the roof, and clean the gutters.
Winter normally damages your garden. It damages your trees, frozen your plants, flowers and left your garden a mess. The first thing you should do is to determine when winter ends officially and begin working on fixing your garden. Remove dry leaves, twigs and other items that could prevent you from rehabilitating your garden. Use a rake to clean the whole garden area. Prepare all the garden tools and make sure they are sharp and ready to use. Start buying bulbs, seedlings and decorations for your garden.
Prepare the garden soil by cultivating it for new plant to be planted. Prepare the walkways and other areas adjacent to the landscaping. Do not forget to replace old and cracked garden hose, remove tree limbs and debris from sidewalks. Begin planning your landscaping when there is no more snow in your area. Pressure wash pavers, concrete areas and other areas that have turned dirty. Power wash brick walls, vinyl sidings and other vertical surfaces if necessary.
Preparing your garden and home for spring is a worthwhile activity. It is rewarding today and even in three months time. Bear in mind that your home goes through plenty of major changes due to its age and the climate changes. Spring preparation and maintenance is vital for each and every homeowner. Furthermore, it is more important if you plan to sell your home later on. Most homebuyers want to ascertain that all home systems are well-maintained and in good working condition before they purchase. Consider a home inspection if you are not sure. A home inspection covers your home from top to bottom. Start preparing your home and garden for spring now because the warmer climate is just around the corner. Spring means more fun time outdoors and more time to enjoy the sun.

Five Companies With Which to Register for REO Trash-Out and Foreclosure Clean Up Jobs

Posted on November 17, 2012 at 8:01 AM Comments comments (0)
Many smaller foreclosure clean up businesses get work from larger mortgage field services companies. The trash-out and foreclosure clean up industry is on the rise, as is evident in foreclosure industry reporting data from sources like RealtyTrac, an online marketplace for foreclosures. According to RealtyTrac, 3,825,637 foreclosure filings were reported in 2010 on U.S. properties. That's a double digit increase from the year 2008.
Foreclosure clean up companies handle the clearing out, cleaning up and ongoing interior and exterior maintenance of homes that have been foreclosed upon by banks and mortgage companies. Services offered by foreclosure clean up companies can include a wide spectrum of services, well beyond cleaning. Services offered by these businesses include cleaning, debris removal, painting, minor repairs, lawn maintenance, applying tarps to roofs and full roof repairs, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, one-time and ongoing inspections, vehicle removal, tree cutting, winterization, lock changing, window and door boarding, and more.
Establish Your Foreclosure Cleaning Enterprise First
Many smaller foreclosure clean up companies get work from property preservation companies. While there are a plethora of property preservation companies in existence, it can be a time-consuming process signing up with all of these entities. The best way to start getting work is to establish your business with the proper license, insurance, and equipment.
Your License: Often a business occupational license from your county's County Clerk Office is what is needed. Each county is unique, so call your government office that handles business licensing in your county to find out what type of license you will need based on the services you choose to offer.
The Business Insurance: Next, contact a local insurance agency and discuss your business so you can best determine the type of coverage your company will need. At minimum, you will need liability insurance coverage. Also plan to discuss securing workmen's compensation insurance and the appropriate coverage for your vehicle.
Preparing for Equipment: There are a few routes you can take when it comes to getting equipment for your business. You can either a) purchase equipment, b) rent equipment, or c) use the equipment you already have on hand in your garage or basement to start your business. Plan equipment based on the services you plan to offer in your business.
NOTE: If you niche your services, or offer one-stop shop services based on subcontracting or referring out services, you will need limited equipment to start. However, if you choose to become a one-stop shop and do everything yourself, you will need more equipment. Keep this in mind as you plan your business and equipment needs.
After you have properly researched the industry, planned your business and marketing strategies, secured proper license and insurance, and have your equipment needs in order, it will be time to start signing up for work.
The best way to start is to register your business with larger property preservation companies. Below is a list of five large property preservation companies. Contact them for their vendor packets and start signing up your company so you're part of their databases.
List of Five Top Property Preservation Companies with Which to Register
1. Mortgage Contracting Services, LLC: A national property preservation and inspection company founded in 1986. (Website: mcs360 DOT com)
2. Cyprexx Services: Cyprexx is a national field services business that provides property preservation, inspection, repair and maintenance services to some of the largest financial organizations, government institutions, asset management corporations, and brokers in the U.S. (Internet Address: cyprexx DOT com)
3. Five Brothers: This company has been in business for more than 40 years providing property preservation, inspection, and REO management-related services. (Website: fivebrms DOT com)
4. Field Asset Services, Inc.: Field Asset Services is an REO asset management servicing and property preservation company responsible for more than 7.3 billion dollars in residences on behalf of almost 30 major nationwide clients. They regularly care for 120,000 plus properties. (Site: fieldassets DOT com)
5. Lenders Asset Management Corp. ("LAMCO"): LAMCO has been in existence since 1989 providing residential REO asset management and outsourcing solutions for national lending institutions, banks, servicers, and investment firms. (Web: lendersreo DOT com)
Planning for Property Preservation Tests
When you register your foreclosure clean up business with these large property preservation companies, be prepared to show proof of insurance, business registration, and quite possibly be prepared to take a property preservation quiz. Most of these quizzes are straight-forward tests that simply judge your comprehension of basic industry terms and tasks. Much of the test information is quickly available online -- if you don't already know it.
Foreclosure Clean Up Jobs for Years to Come
Remember, once you get registered with these companies and your credentials check out, these larger entities can provide your company with bulk foreclosure cleaning work for years to come.
Much success registering your REO trash-out business with these companies for foreclosure clean up jobs!
For a larger list of property preservation companies and other key businesses with which to register for foreclosure cleaning and REO trash-out work (with direct vendor job links), see the Property Preservation & Real Estate Industry Contracting and Subcontracting Directory.
Cassandra Black is the author of How To Start a []Foreclosure Cleanup Business, and the Owner of []Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC, and Real Estate Cleanup, Atlanta, GA
Article Source: [] Five Companies With Which to Register for REO Trash-Out and Foreclosure Clean Up Jobs

How to Grow Your Lawn Care Business During Cold Months, Beyond Adding the Obvious Services

Posted on November 9, 2012 at 8:24 AM Comments comments (6)
It's cold in many areas of the country. Temperatures are steadily falling in many states, but that does not mean your business profits have to go down as a lawn maintenance company. One of the most effective ways to grow your lawn care business during the fall and winter months is to add new services.
Goal: Healthy Bottom Line
During the winter months, many lawn maintenance companies market the obvious services such as blowing leaves, mulching, aerating, pruning, and similar services. These are needed services that most lawn care companies tout and bank on to assist in a healthier bottom line.
Grow Your Lawn Maintenance Business by Working with Foreclosures
But to exponentially grow your lawn maintenance business during slower months, you can capitalize off a needed service that has cropped up as a result of the astronomical number of foreclosures on the market: foreclosure cleanup. Foreclosure cleanup businesses generally handle a plethora of services which can include the following: debris removal, interior and exterior cleaning, lawn mowing, trimming, tree removal, roof repair, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, window boarding, door boarding, lock changing, inspections, carpet cleaning, laying and carpet removal, painting, minor repairs, and the like.
Work On HUD Homes
In many scenarios, the homes needing foreclosure cleanup services are HUD homes and often the work is given to smaller companies by foreclosure realtors or larger property preservation companies working as an extension of HUD's M&M Contractors ("Management and Marketing" Contractors).
Choose Services that Work with Your Business
Though foreclosure cleaning businesses can offer a plethora of services, as a lawn maintenance business, you can choose to add foreclosure cleanup services that fall in line with the services you already offer in your business. For example, you can offer lawn and exterior debris removal such as the removal of limbs, fallen trees and piled up junk such as bicycles, swing sets, grills, etc., from homes that have been abandoned or are in the foreclosure or pre-foreclosure state.
Put Truck and Trailer to Work
As a lawn maintenance company, you likely already have a truck and/or a trailer you can use to pick up exterior debris and haul to the junk yard. You probably already have a saw, large bags, needed gloves and face masks and a small crew. Use them to get a foot in the foreclosure cleanup industry in your area.
You can also choose to offer drive way and exterior pressure washing. If you don't have a pressure washer, you can easily rent one at The Home Depot or a similar rental outlet. Throw it on your truck and offer this service as part of your foreclosure cleanup cache of services during the cold months so you can profit during what is traditionally a slow time for lawn care businesses.
If you are equipped, you can also offer snow removal (consider partnering with a like company) and interior trash-outs. Remember, you likely already have a truck and you are familiar with the real estate contracting industry as a lawn maintenance company; so why not buy some cleaning supplies, hire qualified interior cleaners and put some miles on that truck in the winter months by offering foreclosure cleanup services.
Using Equipment You Already Have On-hand
The trick in adding basic foreclosure cleanup services to your lawn care business is to keep in mind the equipment you already have on hand. Take inventory of the tools, equipment and supplies you already have, research the foreclosure cleanup industry, and get creative on how you can maximum equipment inventory in your area in the fall and winter months.
Check Your Business Insurance and Licensing
You will want to contact your insurance agent to make sure your existing coverage is ample to cover the new foreclosure cleanup services you want to add to your lawn maintenance business. Also, give a quick call to your governing business license office (i.e., in some areas, the County Clerk) to make sure your current business license is ample to offer foreclosure cleanup services.
Get a Quick Start
To get started quickly, pick up some new car magnets from your local print shop or online printer (less than $30 bucks in most cases!), order some new business cards (you can find free business cards online), find a list of Realtors in your area (go to your multiple listing service) and start contacting them announcing the new aspect you've added to your lawn maintenance company's cache of business services.
Good luck with your lawn maintenance business as you venture into the world of foreclosure cleanup!
Cassandra Black is the Author of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business []Industry Blog, How To Get []Lawn Care Work On HUD Homes Handbook, and the Foreclosure Cleanup Business Line of eBooks and Related Products
Article Source: [,-Beyond-Adding-the-Obvious-Services&id=5391587] How to Grow Your Lawn Care Business During Cold Months, Beyond Adding the Obvious Services

Property Preservation Companies Have a Surplus of Government Jobs and Foreclosure Clean-Up Contracts

Posted on September 28, 2012 at 7:32 AM Comments comments (6)
Property Preservation Companies Have a Surplus of Government Jobs and Foreclosure Clean-Up Contracts

Larger property preservation companies care for thousands of homes throughout the United States. These larger companies seek out smaller vendors who service various zip codes for property preservation jobs. It's not uncommon for small real estate services businesses to receive ten to twenty work orders at one time, which can equal tens of thousands of dollars in jobs and small business contracts.

Lenders and financial institutions hire foreclosure cleaning companies to inspect, trashout, clean, and care for the interior and exterior of vacant homes while they are sitting empty - and homes are sitting empty longer and longer into today's stagnant market.

High U.S. Home Vacancy Rates Mean More Jobs and Small Business Contracts for Foreclosure Clean-up Businesses and Real Estate Services Enterprises

Today, homes are sitting empty longer and longer. According to a recent Census Bureau report, the nation's vacancy rate is at 11.4%.

This means long-term contracts and evergreen help wanted outlets for real estate services businesses and foreclosure cleaning companies poised to seek out subcontracts.

The state of Maine had a 22.8% vacancy rate, the largest proportion of empty housing inventory. Other states were not far behind: Alaska reported 15.9%; Arizona reported 16.3%; the Sunshine State, Florida, hovered at 17.5%; and, Vermont reported a glut of empty houses, 20.5%.

Small business contracts and industry contracts for government jobs for foreclosure cleanup work can fall under the following service business umbrellas: lawn maintenance, locksmith work, debris removal, cleaning, trashouts, hauling, repair work, winterization, roof repairs, carpet cleaning and removing, window and door boarding, wood floor repair, mold and mildew contracting, broken window repair work, inspections (i.e., vacancy inspections and occupancy inspections), plumbing, electrical, HVAC, window repairs, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and more.

How to Locate Real Estate Service and Foreclosure Clean-up Business Jobs and Contracts

A new company simply needs to reach out to as many property preservation companies as possible for jobs and contracts. Government jobs and government contracts via organizations like HUD and local housing authorities are also available online. These jobs and contracts can be found easily with a little internet digging.

Evergreen Business Opportunity, Beyond Foreclosures and Vacant Houses

The real estate services industry has been around, and will be around, as long as real estate is being bought and sold. A foreclosure clean-up business offers the same services smaller, successful contractors have been offering successfully for years: property clean-up, clear-outs, repairs and maintenance. Think about the number of lawn maintenance, and, for example, painting and handyman contractors, you see in trucks rolling around your city and town daily. They are in existence, still in business, because they are, quite simply, making money.

The new term, "foreclosure clean-up," has simply shed light on one of the oldest real estate industry professions around: real estate services. The savvy entrepreneur can start quickly today and capitalize off the plethora of property preservation job opportunities, small business contracts, and government jobs available in this ripe market right now.

Years from now, when the foreclosure craze has reached a calm, these business owners will have made all the industry contacts they need to have a successful business for years to come.

For more information about starting a foreclosure clean-up business, and for small business contracts, government jobs, and property preservation work orders, visit the industry's Foreclosure-Cleanup-Blog.

Cassandra Black, Industry Consultant, Author and CEO of Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC, authoring company of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business Blog: FREE Articles, Advice, Jobs, Help Wanted & Contracts, [], and How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business Line of Books, Reports & Forms, []

Article Source: [] Property Preservation Companies Have a Surplus of Government Jobs and Foreclosure Clean-Up Contracts